About World Privilege Newsagents

The World Privilege Newsagent is the fast and easy way of exposing your publication via PDF files to the thousands of World Privilege Members and millions of visitors from around the globe.

Like any comprehensive newsagents your publication will be filed within a specialised category enabling visitors to locate you quickly. This is accessed either by clicking on a category on the front page ‘Newsstand’, or by scrolling down the Menu once inside.
When visitors click on a certain category they are then taken directly to that categories home-page where each publication has its front page displayed. Six publications are displayed at each time per page. If a visitor already knows which publications PDF they wish to read and wants to reach it quickly all they need to do is type the corresponding publications name into the search facility and they’ll be transported directly to their choice.

Like any newsagent we expect publishers within our Newsagent to update their PDF’s as they would their publications, be that monthly or bi-monthly.

To further each publications subscription we have provided the facility for visitors to subscribe to your publication and receive hard copies via mail.
Please note! This is not a commission based facility. We are offering this to you, FREE of charge.

By working with World Privilege you will be entering into a reciprocal partnership which will allow you to further your readership, and in turn we would expect to advertise within your publication. As you can clearly see, this partnership would undoubtedly be beneficial to both parties enabling us both to reach a wider audience, so get involved now!

Features & Benefits open to you
Health and Fitness
Travel Magazine
The sunday Times Travel
Exposure to millions of World Privilege Members, Business Partners and visitors across the globe.
Being part of our World Privilege Newsagent means you are part of one of the fastest growing companies on the net today.
When you sign up to the World Privilege Newsagent your publication will be featured within its corresponding category.
Your publications ‘up to the minute’ Front Cover will be displayed within that category.
There will be no more than six publications per page within any category.
Below your ‘front cover’ there are three simple options for readers to click on and choose from.
View PDF: Click on this link and publications PDF file is able to be viewed.
Subscribe now: This link allows readers to subscribe to you and receive hard copies of your publication through the post.
Previous editions: This link allows readers to view past PDF files which you submitted.
Bi-Monthly our Newsagent link is featured in our Newsletter, Streetwise, which goes out to our Members and Business Partners to ensure visits.
You will automatically receive a life-time inclusion in World Privilege’s A-Z Listings.
What we require in return
A 12 month agreement with a ‘get out’ clause for both parties.
A advert featured within your publication each month or bi-monthly etc. during the 12 month contract. Size TBC.  
Confirmation from yourselves regarding the size of advert World Privilege will receive within your publication.
An agreed date for submitting your PDF file to World Privilege.
An agreement date for submitting the World Privilege advert.
Agreement from yourselves as regards to running editorial promotions within your publication.
Hard copy of each issue to be sent to head office.
These terms are reciprocal.
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