WORLD PRIVILEGE IS AN ONLINE PORTAL OFFERING USERS A PLETHORA OF SERVICES WITH REWARDS. The website was originally developed by travel industry personnel utilising years of experience and knowledge, to create a one-stop lifestyle website offering Online Shopping with huge savings, holiday and vacation accommodation and a discount card to make it all possible.
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WORLD PRIVILEGE ACCOMMODATION DIRECTORY - Find fantastic discounted accommodations worldwide for B&Bs, Resorts, Castles, Mansions, Ski Lodges, Chalets, Inns, Lodges, Villas, Cottages, Homes, Airport, Hotels, Motels, Luxury Accommodation, Cruise Liners, Apartments, Condominiums and Airport Parking.
WORLD PRIVILEGE SHOPPING ONLINE - Thousands of brand name products with huge discounts for World Privilege members!
WORLD PRIVILEGE GNC GLOBAL NEWS & SPORT - The Global News Channel, created by World Privilege offers your favourite TV News channels from around the world. Also in this section you can access, the World Privilege Newsletter, Newsagent, White Label and Communications.
WORLD PRIVILEGE - THE LOCAL - Just Moved into your area? Want to know where your local businesses and services are? The local has it all at your finger tips. It's FREE to join and add your business listing!
WORLD PRIVILEGE DISCOUNT CARD - Whether at home or on holiday or just whilst passing time in everyday life, scheme members can use their card to save money on shopping both in store and online. There is a wide selection of big brand retailers offering substantial discounts on everyday goods and luxury items to discount card holder.